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Tired of high heating bills and unstable fuel costs? GET A OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE!

You need not be a slave to the gas man any longer. Get an AMERICAN ROYAL OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE today. The AMERICAN ROYAL OUTDOOR WOOD STOVE comes with the best warranty in the industry. An outdoor wood furnace is a life long investment.

AMERICAN ROYAL OUTDOOR WOOD STOVE comes with a 20 year FACTORY warranty.

Boiler Plate Steel 7300 & 7400 Series

Outdoor wood furnaces or outdoor wood boilers you see on this page are of top quality and come in 304 stainless steel or boiler plate steel. If you invest in an outdoor wood furnace, it is important that your outdoor wood furnace is made of a quality design such as the outdoor wood boilers you see here.

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Our outdoor wood furnaces have a shaker grate that allows for the easy removal of your ashes. It also has a smoke bypass that allows the smoke to go straight up the stack of your outdoor wood furnace and stops it from going in your face when you open the fuel door.

This outdoor wood furnace also has a ash pan for easy removal of the burned up ash. We hope this web site has offered the info for you to be able to make the correct decision on your next outdoor wood furnace purchase.


Boiler Steel   Yes   Yes
409 Stainless   No   No
Width   56"   72"
Length   72"   84"
Height   94"  104"
Door Size   23x19   23x29
Fire Box Size   43"   56"
Water Capacity   150 gal.   380 gal.
Approx. Weight   2,800 lbs.   3,900 lbs.
Max Sq. Ft.   5,000   10,000
Fire Box Type   Round   Round
Grates/Ash Pan   Yes   Yes
PRICE:    $5,500   $7,000


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